Why Choose Custom Drop-in?


Our products can be designed, manufactured, and customised in a wide range of combinations. You can also request for a custom design that is optimised to meet your specialised requirements.

Premium Performance

All our customised products give you the flexibility to meet your exact requirements for power, speed, and torque. Expect nothing but premium performance when you choose a custom gearbox.

Interchangeable Replacement

Obsolete, old or problematic gearboxes? Our drop in unit can replace them easily with specially designed housing & shafts with same mounting dimension. No modification on the mounting base/coupling are needed.

Worldwide Support

Whether you’re looking for facilities across the globe or for a representative to help serve your needs, you can rest assured with our extensive network and dedicated service team.

Engineering Excellence

All of our engineering and factory facilities are equipped with capable and technologically advanced machinery to support your gearbox needs.


All-round Solution

Ease of replacement without modification on site. Existing unit can be kept as spare unit, fully interchangeable. Reduce maintenance costs and downtime

High Quality & Robust Design

Using only the latest gear technology for increased efficiency, minimum maintenance time, and longer-lasting performance.

Expert Technical and Sales Support

Experienced engineering and sales team to guide you through the drop in replacement journey.

Problem solving & Upgrading

Solve existing gearbox issue like overheating, oil leak, undersized gearing etc. Upgrade of obsolete and unsupported models


Reducer with high load capacity, capable of withstanding strong impact loads

  • AGMA Gearing Standard
  • High radius of curvature
  • Lower contact stress
  • Split housing
  • 25 degrees operation pressure angle
  • Increased root thickness
  • Higher bending capacity
Output Shaft Hollow shaft, Solid shaft, Shrink Disc
Output Shaft Direction(s) Horizontal, Vertical downward, Vertical upward
Mounting Style Shaft mount, Case mount, Flange mount
Frame Size 26 sizes
Reduction Ratio Parallel shaft 6.3:1 – 500:1
Right angle shaft 6.3:1 – 450:1
Rated Torque 2,600 to 552,000 N⋅m


With downtime being a critical factor in your operation, let us install one of our custom drop-in gearboxes. Installation-ready units are designed specifically to drop-into existing applications with ease.

We offer both partial and full drop-in by fabricated steel housings, custom baseplates, custom gearing and shafting and lubrication & cooling solutions. This product will literally drop-in to place; same footprint, same shaft positions.

Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit
Original Unit
Drop-in Unit

Reliable, Durable & Efficient Gearboxes
with Long Life Cycles & Low Maintenance.

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